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National Science Challenge 2012

         Hi, guys, I'm back, sorry for the stagnant moment for this blog. Well I was kinda' very busy. There were, and, there are many activities had, and , have been going on. And this is also one of the agenda of the schedule for this year's activities. Anyway, do you what type of competition is this? And what is this competition?
This competition is known as The National Science Challenge 2012. This competition is organised by ASM ( Academic Science Malaysia ). It's a team compeititon and a team should be comprised of 3 members. 
                     This competition is not any plain old paper test on your knowledge. Here's an overview of the type of programmes for this competition :
1. Preliminary Round: It is a test paper, and teammembers are not allowed to discuss. The results will be based on the average of the scores from three members.

2. States Level: There are four teams left for each state. The four top teams will be competing in this level. It is questions ans answer session orally. However, this was not the quiz buzzer type. 

3. Semi-final of National level : There are 16 teams from all around Malaysia:
   1. Perlis : SMJK KUALA PERLIS
   2.Kedah : SMJK SIN MIN
   6. Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya : SMK PUTRAJAYA PRESINT 8 (1)
   7. Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur : SM SAINS SELANGOR (KL)
   8. Melaka : SMK ST. FRANCIS
   9. Negeri Sembilan : SMK RAJA JUMAAT
   10. Johor : SMK BANDAR PUTRA
   12. Terengganu : MRSM KOTA PUTRA
   14. Sabah : SM ST. MICHAEL
   15. Sarawak : SMK ST. JOSEPH
   16. Wilayah Persekuatuan Labuan : SMK Labuan

4. Final of National Level : ( Need to wait for up-to-date info )
   1. Sabah : SM ST. MICHAEL
   2. Melaka : SMK ST. FRANCIS
   4. Kedah : SMJK SIN MIN

     Ah~! Exams is finally over. Wow~ It is a horrible week, my brain is cracking. ( Not going to dilly- dally  anymore )

    Now, straight to the point. On the first day of the physically and mentally torturing week, like usual, it was the Ice-Breaking session. I wonder what had we done there. Let's see. Well, the first event is a .. erm... a short opening speech. Ah har! It's the group photo. That group photo is going to be out in the Star newspaper. 

     Before that, when we registered at the counter, we received our MyLab Research files , including other details about this competition. I got a big shock in my first glimpse on the MyLab Research module. "Structure of Dithiocarbazic Acid" , "Schiff Bases" , "CHNS Analysis"....? What the heck are all of those? I did't know about it either in the first place. However, there are many more things to be terrified by in the upcoming programmes. So, let's be optimistic for now, that's what I thought at that time. Then, first day programmes proceed as normal. 
     Next is the comic strips. This little activity was to divide everyone from different states in to 3 large groups and there's when we started to mingle around. This activity is simple, just try to puzzle the cut and scrambled comic strips in to a complete comic series, then you would find your teammates. The comic strips on that day was about Crayon Shin Chan. HAHA~ The story is about how he learn to sew the button on the shirt and something about chocolate , I don't really get to know the chocolate's story because it's not my group. Well, you will sure know the stories if you read the comic before.
    After the grouping was done, the next game was, the " ASSASSIN ". Sound creepy ya`? ( Is someone going to get assassinated ? Bull's eye... ) Neh~ I don't think so. Frankly speaking, this game is a normal assassination game that you play with your friends. I won't mention the detials here because it's too long, and I also have a bad memory. Just ask around from your friends , one of them sure knows.
    And so, from this game, I could sense that the great potential in the Sarawak's team. Why is it? Well, all of them are good in English and stylish too. xD All of them look very mature. Their performance on that session is good, especially the one on the right. That's Jay. ( I hope I spelled it correct ) His team is the only the one that managed to kill all Medic , Police, and Citizens. It's very intense !! Tell you something, he's among the Assassins. This acting skills are good. According to Anselm, the one at the center, he's the best among his teammates though they all participated in the drama competition.

   Ah, after a long hours of Ice-Breaking, is time for the real challenge to start. We were briefed on the Second Day's Programme. Finally, the first day end with a full stop. That's tired. We all adjourn to our campus. Our campus was located at the Fajar Harapan. It is located at a stone's throw from the facilities that we were gonna' used in the oncoming days. This means that every day we were walking from building to building. 
   After a nice refreshing daily routine and a palatable breakfast, all of us start out our first challenge at the Chemical School which is just at the opposite site of the Fajar Harapan campus. For your information, the chemical lab that we were using on that day was Makmal Kimia Tak Organik 1 & 2. There were all together two tasks that we need to accomplish on that day. First of all, this the "SYNTHESIS OF SCHIFF BASE 1", the second is "SYNTHESIS OF SCHIFF BASE 2" 
    Safety first as prevention is better than cure, we were briefed on the safety and Lab protocols. Then, we were set free to carry out the experiments.

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