Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to score A1 in Add math
I receive quite alot of email, that they ask how I study Add math. Since most of you have the mood to study hard from oct1 onwards, so I decided to post this..I just wanna share my feelings and thoughts with you all.

You should know:
-Simultaneous equation, solution of triangle, index no., motion along a straight line & linear programming will NOT appear in paper1.
-Permutations & combinations will NOT appear in paper2.
-In paper2, ONLY solution of triangle, index no.,probability distributions, motion along a straight line & linear programming will appear in section C(20m).
-In section C, it consists of 4 question, 2 from form4, 2 from form5
-Differentiation, intergration are the hardest and most important chapter(in my opinion).
-Functions, linear law are the easiest chapter(in my opinion).


Right, first of all,
Master basic/concept--Im sure all of you got good reference book. For me, I use longman and pelangi..ONLY ,coz this 2 brand is great! (fajar bakti quite good). Dun just read, no need to memorize..UNDERSTAND is the most important. And please go thrue every examples on how to solve the question. If you can't understand,you should seek help from the pro one(dun paiseh).
NOTE: Do alot of exercise, does not mean u can score well.

Master the formulae--Formula is da key to solve the question, but u dun need to memorize all the formula, SPM already provide, and you must appreciate it. You must know how to used it. That is why I dun find trigonometric hard, coz I can play the formula well. I know y must used tat formula.

Complete ur homework--Whenever teacher gave u homework, u must complete it..but now, I dun think this will help u.

Practice all trial/spm paper--You should start to do right now. Try to get other states paper, with answer will be better. Its ok if u dun have da answer, any questions u dunno how to solve, check out the examples from ur reference book and solve it, if not..ask the pro one.
If u lazy to find da papers, nuo:
MRSM paper (no answer but good paper,pls download)SBP (answer)
Perlis(paper 2 only)Pahang
Malacca p1 p2 (answer)Terengganu p1 p2 (answer)
Negeri Sembilan (paper2 only)

Times Ulang kaji (answer)SPM paper: go buy ur ownself, is a cerdik brand, purple in color.

During exam,
Understand what da question want--If u can't understand, dun give up..try to think what chapter is this, and think of wat kind of formula you should used. If u can't, dun waste ur time, do other question first. Dun leave it BLANK!! And dun tell me da english standard is very high, many of u are superb in english, better than me..if I can understand it, y can't you?

Try not to short cut(means the steps to solve da Q is too short)--Yes, short cut can save time, but it is better not to. Coz u will make careless mistakes. I myself did not short cut b4 although I can. It doesn't matter if u solve the question in 1 whole page, moreover it is safer becoz u will get marks although ur answer is wrong. You know right? Why every question contains 3-6 marks, why not 1-2 mark?

Check ur answer--After u have solve it, immediately u check ur answer. How? by substitute ur answer into it, for example:
f(x)=2x-5, when f(x)=0, x=2.5substitute ur answer,x=2.5 into 2x-5, see whether f(x)=0.
If yes then congratulations, if not then try again.
NOTE: If u found out that u have no time, leave it

Dun over confident--Be careful, the question looks easy, but it will trick u. If they want obtuse angle, then ur answer must be obtuse angle. So I WARN u all, dun over confident..till u dun wanna read thrue the question. U will regret, and remember to check again although the question is easy, make sure u din kena.

Tired?--When comes to end, we will feel tired & stressful. Some of u might wanna stop, some of u wanna solve it quickly to get rest. So I suggest u should stretch urself, look at the green trees, wondering around.

Use blue+black pen(not gel pen)--I always use it, nuo! Coz it looks neat, but if u dun wan oso can. And dun use pen to draw graph or label the graph, use pencil.

Last but not least, be well prepared and dun forget to bring ur scientific calculator.
I hope this will help u....

Honestly, I dunno wat is ur problem on +math, coz I never get below A1 b4. So If u dun like my ways..u can refer to other links on pro's opinion.

Good luck!

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