Tuesday, March 5, 2013


1. Kelvin, Celcius and Fahrenheit are scale measurements of temperature. A change of
temperature in 1 K give rise to a change of
[A] 1°  C     [B] 1° F     [C] 5/9  ° C        [D] 5/9 ° F

2. What instrument is used to measure a very high temperature object such as the
[A] Thermocouple [C] Optical pyrometer
[B] Thermometer [D] Blackbody radiation

3. The unit of energy is given below, EXCEPT
[A] Watt-hour [C] Calorie
[B] Ergs [D] Rankine

4. Which ONE of the following list does not belong to the same group?
[A] Alpha particle [C] Light
[B] Gamma ray [D] Microwave

5. The requirements for nuclear fusion are listed below EXCEPT
[A] High temperature [C] Fuel for fusion
[B] High pressure [D] Cooling media

6. What is not TRUE about nuclear power station?
[A] It provides cleaner more efficient energy
[C] Waste is stored at the nuclear power plant
[B] Waste of nuclear power station is radioactive
[D] Radioactive poisoning to the environment

7. If one neutron is added to a helium nucleus, the result is
[A] Lithium [C] Hydrogen
[B] Helium [D] Carbon

8. What kind of eclipse do we have when the moon is between the sun and the earth?
[A] Solar eclipse [C] Earth eclipse
[B] Lunar eclipse [D] Universal eclips

9.What is the earth’s primary source of energy?
[A] The Sun  [C] Gravitational field
[B] Magnetic field  [D] Geothermal

10What is the maximum energy delivered per second from a 12 V, 4 Ah car battery?
[A]172800 J   [C] 48 J
[B] 2880 J   [D] 0.013 J

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