Tuesday, March 5, 2013


11.Which camera causes no parallax error?
[A] Viewfinder camera    [C] Zoom digital camera
[B] Single lens reflect camera    [D]  Polaroid camera

12.Given notation of colors as Red (R), Blue (B), Orange (O), Green (G)
and Yellow (Y), arrange the colors in ascending order of frequency.
[A]  R G Y B     [C] R O Y G
[B] B Y O R     [D] G Y O B

13. Which of the following is not a rare earth element?
[A] Samarium        [C] Europium
[B] Cerium             [D] Titanium

14.When we breathe, oxygen is reversibly bonded to which metal ion in the blood?
[A]  Copper            [C] Sodium
[B] Iron                  [D] Magnesium

15.Metal complexes are the active ingredient in many drugs for the treatment
of a multitude of diseases. Auranofin is a drug prescribed to patients with
rheumatoid arthritis. Auranofin is the metal complex of which metal ion?
[A] Gold                 [C]  Platinum
[B] Silver                 [D] Copper

16.Dioctyltin maleate is added to PVC to stabilize the polymer. If the maleate anion
 is represented by mal which of the following represents the correct formula for dioctyltin maleate?
[A] (C8H16)2Sn(mal) [C] (C8H18)2Sn(mal)
[B]2(C8H16)Sn(mal)  [D] (C8H17)2Sn(mal)

Figure 1
17.A container of triphenlytin chloride has the following label (Figure 1).
What does this label signify?
[A]  Toxic                                 [C]  Harmful
[B]  Environmental Hazard     [D] Poison

18.Why is our tap water fluoridated?
[A] To disinfect the water      [C] To purify the water
[B] To prevent tooth decay    [D]  To kill mosquito larvae

19.The three allotropes of carbon are graphite, diamond and _______________.
[A] Buckminster                     [C] Fullerene
[B] Carbon fibre                     [D] Charcoal

20. Which isotope of uranium is used in a nuclear plant?
[A] 235U                                   [C] 237U
[B] 236U                                   [D]238U

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