Tuesday, March 5, 2013


21. Argon gas is normally used to decorate lights. The freezing point of argon is
-189°C. What is its freezing point on the absolute temperature scale?
[A] 84 Kelvin                           [C] 461 Kelvin
[B] -136 Kelvin                        [D] 112 Kelvin

22. Which metal oxide is often added to paint to make it bright white?
[A] Aluminum oxide                       [C] Barium oxide
[B] Titanium oxide                          [D]Antimony oxide

23.Protium, deuterium and tritium are all forms of which element?
[A]Nitrogen                         [C] Oxygen
[B] Hydrogen                      [D]Fluorine

24. Which of these forms of matter is ordered from smallest to largest?
[A]  compound, polymer, neutron [C] proton, polymer, atom
[B] proton, atom, electron             [D] electron, atom, compound

25. When you change the number of electrons on an atom, you produce a different:
[A] Atomic mass                             [C] Isotope
[B] Ion                                             [D] Charge

26. Burning of fossil fuels causes the level of carbon dioxide in the air
 to rise. What are the negative environmental effects caused by this excess carbon dioxide?
I. Green-house effect
II. Global warming
III. Acidification of the ocean

[A] I                                                 [C] I and II
[B] II                                                [D] I, II and III

27.Certain cosmetic products contain nanogold particles. What is the size of
these nanogold particles?
[A] x 10-3 m                                     [C]x 10-9 m
[B] x 10-6 m                                     [D] x 10-12 m

28. In certain countries sewerage is recycled using membrane technology.
The reclaimed water may be utilized for:
I. Irrigation
II. Toilet flushing
III. Drinking

[A] I                                                 [C] I and II
[B] II                                                [D] I, II and III

29. Which of the following statements best describe sustainable development?
[A] Keeping the environment clean and free from pollution. [C] All developments must comply with the  
                                                                                                       Country’s laws and regulations to ensure
                                                                                                       that the environment is kept pristine
                                                                                                                  an free  From pollution                                                                       
[B]Meeting the needs of the present without                        [D]Coming up with laws and regulations
compromising the ability of future generations                         to ensure that development is carried out
to meet their own needs.                                                            to safeguard the environment.                    
30.The Kyoto Protocol listed the reduction in emission of four “greenhouse gases”.
Which of the following is not one of the four gases?
[A] Carbon dioxide                                                 [C]Nitrous oxide
[B] Methane                                                           [D] Carbon monoxide

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